Saturday, January 19, 2013

sweet little visitor

Guess who came to our house tonight while mommy and daddy went out for supper?

She was alert and happy for quite a while before she took this nap.  Papa is a good person to snuggle with because he is soft and warm.

This was the first time that Carmen has been out without Berlyn.  I'm sure that all mothers can remember how stressful that first time was.  She and Berlyn both did very well.

Friday, January 11, 2013

another kitchen window pic

We got a huge snow storm yesterday.  We have so much snow it's ridiculous.  Now that the storm has passed it is really cold out there too.
You can see the roof of the sun room on the right for reference.  And somewhere under that snow is the barbecue.

This what I can see (or more accurately, not see) of the park.
Our neighbor found someone with a bobcat to dig out his driveway to the back lane.  I'm sure that everyone in the snow removal business is having a great day.

While I downloaded these pictures from my camera I discovered some that I took a few weeks ago and forgot about.  We had several days of snow fog and the trees were beautifully covered with hoar frost!

And here are some more pictures of Berlyn from the photo shoot with Campbell Girl photography.

(Doesn't she look like a miniature swami in this one?)

The poor wee one is suffering with severe colic at this point.  I remember those days when her daddy did too.  Not surprisingly, no one is getting much sleep over there and her mom is exhausted.   
I wish that she could again be as mellow as she was when these pictures were taken.