Sunday, September 26, 2010

check it out

Check out this little lovely who came to visit my kitchen last night.

I've never seen a moth quite like this before. I'm most impressed with the pretty wing markings and the cool Phyllis Diller hair style.

After a few weeks of cold, very wet weather, Mother Nature has gifted us with this gorgeous day. It reached 29 C (84 F) this afternoon. Such a nice change from temps hovering around frost!

I'm also happy because I finally got to groom my dogs this week. I couldn't get at it for a few weeks because of a fibro flare and they desperately needed a good brushing. It feels so good to get it done.


Jody said...

That is an unusual looking moth. Luv Phyllis Diller :-)
Are you on the prairies Susan? What does Fall look like there?
I think we're pretty much at the peak of colours here.

Marguerite said...

Nice picture. Pretty moth. Was it large?

Glad you're feeling better. Bet the dogs are glad as well.

Lynn said...

what a cool looking moth! And loved the phyllis diller reference!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like it could be a Pale Metanema moth, Susan. The Data tab on this page

says that it is found in SK.