Monday, June 13, 2011


Here's the start of the first Watermelon Stripes sock.

 It's a fun pattern with the color changes and the two rows of knitting with both colors at each change.  I'm glad that I learned to knit with two colors using the Philosopher's Wool method.  Here is the inside of the sock.
 All of the ends are woven in already.  Because the yarn is superwash, I  left the tails of yarn from each color change.  I will thread a needle to pierce each end into a couple of strands on the back before I wash the socks.  That should anchor them for good and then I will snip off the ends.

Trish posted on her blog about buying a new dining table and then discovering that she couldn't clamp her ball winder and swift to it.  I have the same problem with every table in our house.  I solved it simply by buying an inexpensive tabletop ironing board.  It works great and it's portable.  I thought that I would share this in case other people have the problem.
 When Geoff moved out, I took over this table in the basement to use as a winding station.  It's nice to have everything ready to go when needed.


Monika said...

I totally love your Watermelon sock! The colors/colorchanges are lovely.
Great idea with the ironing board.

Jody said...

You have some cool tools...luv the skeinwinder. I really need one of those.
I also use the Philosopher's Wool technique for colourwork. I have their book. Some really beautiful sweaters in that book :-)

steelwool said...

Thanks for the ironong board tip. I have been using a wooden tv tray but space is limited on it so I used a cutting board for the ball winder and kept the swift on the tray far enough away not to smack myself. Worked as long as no one wanted to get through the room and the cat was kept occupied elsewhere. The ironing board seems so.....sensible!

Lynn said...

OMG that's a pattern?!?!? I thought it was the yarn dyed to make watermelon socks......They look fantastic! Do you find you slow down a bit when you knit on them?

deborah said...

Those socks are turning out very well. You did a perfect dyeing job.