Wednesday, July 25, 2012

storm season in sask.

It has been a stormy month in southern Saskatchewan.  The weather has been hot and humid so the ingredients exist for severe storms and we've had some doozies.

For some reason, Tuesdays have been particularly stormy and yesterday was no exception.  We had plenty of storm warnings, black skies, lightning, and rain throughout the afternoon.  I had appointments so I missed good photo ops.

Not so for Greg Johnson, the Tornado Hunter.  Check out his pics on his website  Make sure you watch the little video on that page if you've never had the opportunity/misfortune to be close enough to hear what a tornado sounds like up close.  It's pretty amazing.  Fortunately, no one was hurt in these storms although there was some damage to buildings.

The following picture wasn't taken during a storm but as I was driving home during a lovely sunset last Friday so stopped to take this picture with my phone (not as good a photo as I would have taken with my camera, of course).


Taxastrikkeren said...

Suddently I love little Denmark - we have four seasons whit it all, but no extremes. No animal are dangerus outside. Thanks for showing me the big storm. Hope you have a great basement/cellar if something like this comes your way. AND I have a new dog. The old one is dead, and now a Danish/Swedish Farmdog is my best frend.

deborah said...

Gorgeous! There's nothing like a prairie sky.