Friday, November 09, 2012

snow and then some

We are in the midst of a good old-fashioned snow storm.

I took this picture two days ago on my deck (I'm selling my Majacraft Suzie Pro and the photo shoot was for advertising purposes*).

Here's the same deck now and the forecast is for snow most of the weekend.

Cooper is very, very happy.

The snow is deeper than B is tall.  Good thing he was wearing his little red coat.
As you can see, while the shelties were happy in the snow, Bentley waited patiently at the door to go back into the house.

*If you are interested in the wheel here's a link to my destash page on Ravelry.


Jody said...

OMG...I am not looking forward to snow as I will have to shovel it all myself this year!

Monika said...

I wish we had snow, instead of rain! Poor Bentley, but great that he has a sweater. :o)