Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Knitting late last night and realized that I had miscrossed a cable in the middle horseshoe a couple of rows back.

I decided that I would try to correct just the cable instead of "knitting backwards". I got out the Brittany double points, laddered down the four stitches, recrossed the cable, and knitted it back up.

This might not be a big deal for other people but it was huge feat for me and deserving of a celebration! Thanks to Janet and the posters on the FLAK list for giving great suggestions and pictures for this strategy!


Gina said...

Uh oh Susan, you're ahead of me, I better get moving! Hey that's awesome that you laddered down and fixed your cable! I haven't tried it, but you gave me the confidence to give it a shot! The color really looks beautiful too! If it's OK with you I'm going to link you to my blog so I can check your progress.

Susan said...

Of course it's okay with me, Gina! Glad to have a link. I made another mistake yesterday and laddered it down to correct it. The first time was very scary and confusing. It was much easier the second time. I think knowing how to do this trick will take a lot of the stress out of knitting because I know that I can quickly fix any mistakes.