Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted here! We had spring break this past week and have been very busy trying to do all of the things that we haven't had time to do at other times like going to appointments and shopping. I think I need a holiday to rest from my holiday.

My aunt and uncle visited from Manitoba for Easter. It's always nice to have a visit with them. I hosted Easter dinner and had the family over here, even my 93 year old grandmother in her wheelchair. We had an absolutely beautiful day! It felt like summer (without all of the bugs). We were able to eat out in the sun room and the kids ran in and out all day without their shoes. We nicely got into summer mode and then, blam, winter hit again early in the week. We had a lot of rain and some slushy snow. Luckily it only lasted a couple of days.

I haven't done much knitting but I have read a lot of books about knitting! Janet Szabo's new book Aran Sweater Design is wonderful! I'm sure that I'll be referring to it a lot. I did manage to start the sleeve on the FLAK sweater (the top part of the photo above). I played around with the hue on this picture so that the wool looks more like its true color.

I discovered that it is very difficult to knit in my old Lazy Boy rocker that's in the sun room as it tips me too far back to be comfortable looking down at my hands. So of course that meant a shopping trip for a glider rocker to replace it. It's so soothing to glide back and forth while knitting. I'm telling myself that it must burn a lot of calories at the same time so that counts as a workout, right?

I also read Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's 'Yarn Harlot' and 'At Knit's End'. Absolutely hilarious!! For some reason, I've had an irresistable urge to go yarn shopping after reading these books. She rationalizes doing it so well. I never thought that I would knit socks but after reading these books I've ordered self-patterning sock yarn and an instruction/pattern book from Elann. Of course that meant that I had to order several sets of double pointed needles too. And if you have funky hand-knit socks you don't want to hide them in runners. I happened across a new pair of Birkenstocks that would show them off nicely so needed to buy those too. If I finish the socks they will be worth their weight in gold! Way to go, Yarn Harlot, you enabler you. Stephanie has a new book, 'Knitting Rules', but it's sold out everywhere I've looked. If you're a knitter and haven't yet discovered Yarn Harlot, go get these books now and check out her popular and entertaining blog.


margit said...

It looks great! I love the color.

Gina said...

Hi Susan! I read Knitting Rules over the school break and I too realized I don't have nearly enough yarn stash, books, needles etc. It inspired me "catch up" my stash to a decent level. I just started the first book by Stephanie and I'm sure I will love it just as much. FLAK has been on the back burner for me, but I will enjoy your progress.