Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm still here

We had summer weather in September, winter weather in October, and beautiful autumn weather so far in November. I've been trying to make the most of it by walking the dogs in the park and hanging out in the sunny sunroom until dark. Unfortunately dark happens too early (before 5 p.m.) in the day but it is November after all. I saw a mosquito in the back yard on November 10! Here in Saskatchewan on November 10! That is not a common occurence for sure. It wasn't a very frisky mosquito but it was very much alive and moving slowly.

I've been combing the Targhee fiber that I washed then blending it with sheltie fur and a bit of angelina for slight sparkle. The Targhee is wonderfully bouncy, soft fiber but it is full of vegetable matter. It's easier to comb out the bits of straw and burrs than to pick it. It's a lot of work but the result is so beautiful. Here is a batt fresh off the carder.

I found fishy buttons for the EZ Baby Surprise Sweater and it is being mailed to Manitoba for little Dawson to wear.

I have some new spindles I haven't posted yet. First up is a 1.6 oz. Tabachek top whorl Zebrawood spindle,

and a Tabachek Purpleheart Tibetan spindle and bowl.
Apparently Mr. Tabachek isn't taking new orders for his spindles. I think he may be permanently retired so I figured I'd better get some of his beautiful spindles while I still could.

During the intermediate spinning class at Golden Willow, I was introduced to spinning cotton. Here is my new Tahkli and bowl with the first bit of cotton spun on it.
I am not very good at spinning either of the support spindles yet but I'm working on it.

And I've been spinning away on this gorgeous silk blend. I'm spinning it very fine and there are 8 oz. of it so it's taking a long time but I'm enjoying it. The plan is to Navajo ply it to keep the colors clear.
Spinning laceweight gives you great bang for the buck.


Jody said...

What a great collection of spindles you have. I have one spindle that I learned to spin on and that's it.

Lynn said...

so apparently you are going to run the gammut of seasons in a couple of months time!! LOL At least the weather is mild for this time of year.