Friday, February 05, 2010

the torch is passed

There is a sheltie game in my house called Kill the Dish. It was invented by Harrison and has been passed down to the younger dogs faithfully over the years. I know I sound like a doting mama but my new puppy is a fast learner. Robbie was playing Kill the Dish this afternoon and Cooper watched him with great interest. Just a few minutes ago, I heard yipping and the distinctive sound of a metal dog dish being pushed around the kitchen. Sure enough, Cooper was trying it out for himself. I will let him show you how to play this game.

"First you sneak up on the unsuspecting dish and give it a little nudge with your nose."

"Then you pounce on it."

"Much barking is required as you move the dish again."

"Repeat these steps until you get really silly and out of control."

"I love my dish."