Sunday, August 22, 2010

I ordered a custom made bag for my Lendrum wheel from Lauren on Ravelry. She has become quite busy these days with orders for her bags for good reason.
Her bags are stunningly beautiful and extremely well-made as well as being very reasonable priced! I was able to choose the fabric so of course chose these pretty watercolor blues and violets.
The bag is sturdy as well as beautiful. It's fully padded with reinforcement on the bottom, has padded backpack style straps, pockets, and this neat elastic strap to keep the wheel centered in the bag.
I also bought a padded bag for the flyer assembly. Lauren sent the small bag as a thank you gift. It's to hang on the wheel and keep small accessories available.

In other news, I am now officially Majacraft-less. I sold the Pioneer to a spinning friend (the Rose went to a different spinning friend; Majacrafts are easy to sell). I really didn't need the Pioneer now that I've got the Lendrum and the Hansen. Before the Pioneer moved away, I finished this bobbin of merino/silk/baby alpaca/sheltie/angelina.
I am spinning the other singles of Bombyx silk. It will be a two-ply yarn and I'm planning a shawl.

I also finished up both singles of this Bee Mice Elf “Snow-Capped”; 50% merino, 25% bamboo, 25% silk, fractal spun.
I did finish plying them but haven't skeined or finished them yet so pics to follow.

I have a sick dog today. A couple of days ago Cooper had some diarrhea. My first thought was that I hoped the maniac hadn't eaten another rock but he seems just fine in spite of some loose poops. Last night Bentley started vomiting and having bloody diarrhea. He's a sick cowboy today. I don't know how there can be anything left in him at this point. I'm not sure what is making them sick. We went for a few walks in the park last week so maybe they picked up something there. So far the other two have been just fine and I'm hoping it stays that way.


Monika said...

Those are gorgeous bags! I like your fabric choice. The little bag is very cute. Poor pups! I hope they feel better soon.

susieg said...

Wow, what a perfect Lendrum bag find! Great fabric indeed and all your bags look very functional. I love the little bag you got to hang on your wheel :P Your bobbins are so pretty, I really like your Bee Mice Elf colourway.

SissySees said...

VERY nice bags. I've been pondering something for my Aura, because the wood is a little soft. The handspun is lovely too. Hope the doggy "mess" doesn't spread and everyone is back to normal very soon.

Jody said...

Oh wishes for your poor doggies recovery!
Beautiful spinning. That spinning wheel cover looks to be extremely well made....luv to get one of those myself.