Tuesday, November 02, 2010

now that's more like it!

What a difference a few days can make!
It feels like spring. Most of last week's snow, except for where it drifted or got shoveled into heaps, is already gone. I'm so glad. I wasn't ready for winter just yet.

It was 12 degrees C today (54 F) and the forecast is for more warmth. Bring it on!


Jody said...

Hi Susan, We've been getting alot of frosty mornings here but no snow yet. I've been doing alot of knitting for winter....my Qiviut hat is finished!

Lynn said...

Now see THAT's the way to do it!!! Have a beautiful snow storm, look at all the lovely snow, and then get warm enough so that it melts away!

Lovs2Knit said...

Haven't seen snow since the little bit we got in Sept. It's been amazingly warm here. I'm enjoying it but I'm afraid of what it's going to be like when winter does finally hit. Until then I'm going to enjoy the warm weather. It's actually warm enough today to wear shorts. :)