Sunday, July 24, 2011

light show

I was in the sunroom last evening carding some merino when the light changed suddenly and everything glowed.  I looked up to see that the sky looked like this:
 the sun started setting just as there was a sudden rain shower.

Once the shower passed, the sky glowed violet.
 We mere humans can try to create beauty but it's hard to top Mother Nature.  So lovely!

Tour de Fleece is over today.  I didn't get a lot of spinning done during TdF this year but did finish this bobbin of woolen singles from my batts the other day.
It's so much faster to spin this yarn than my usual very fine singles.

Poor Dan woke up last night with a very high fever.  He was a bit better today but still not well.  My first thought was West Nile but he didn't have a headache so I'm hoping that he just picked up a bug.


Monika said...

I agree with you regarding Mother Nature. Beautiful photos! The yarn on your bobbin looks lovely. Nice color, and even spun.

Jody said...

Hi Susan,
I hope you are getting a break from the heat. Today it feels so cool and lovely.
My best wishes for your DH that he is feeling better :-)

Yarn Devil said...

Love your sky photos! I always love the colours in our skies! I hope your Mr. feels better soon! Beautiful spinning!

Lynn said...

LOVE your sky pics!!!! If we tried to do something like that ppl would say that it wasnt real, but when you see it for yourself in the sky, well you cant deny it can you??? It's amazing what colors Mother Nature puts together and can get away with !!! LOL