Friday, July 01, 2011


I think "satisfaction" is a very appropriate title for my blog post today.  Here are some things that give me satisfaction.

I live in Canada.  There is nothing that gives me more peace of mind, thankfulness, pride, and satisfaction than living in this magnificent country.  Happy 144th birthday, Canada!  I feel truly blessed to have been born and live my life within your borders.  (The above picture was taken from my back yard a few days ago.)

On a much lesser scale but still satisfying:

These lovely batts are ready for spinning.
 I had some mixed dyes in shades of green and teal that were starting to get old so I used them to dye a mix of fibers from fleeces in my stash.  Pretty much any odds and ends of scoured fleeces that were kicking around got thrown into the dye pot.  They ranged from soft Merino/Rambouillet to Corriedale crosses to Clun Forest and the result is a bouncy blend with some crispness.  Most of the fleeces came from Val at Wooly Wool of the West on Etsy.  I flick carded individual locks before carding them together.  I think the spun fiber from these batts will make lovely woolen mittens and/or hats so will spin them allowing air to get into the twist for warmth.  Tour de Fleece starts tomorrow and this will be a good project to get that rolling.

Next up, remember these little nests of combed fiber?  I spun them for sock yarn and was a little short of enough yardage so spun up a single of merino/bamboo to ply with them.  The result will make soft but strong socks.

And finally, I am satisfied that my husband is officially unemployed since the school year ended yesterday!


Yarn Devil said...

Can't wait to see how that beautiful teal turns out!!! Your blue batts spun up beautiful!! Very nice!

Jody said...

Happy Canada Day to you too Susan!
I am also a proud Canadian but I'm afraid my DH still prefers Europe over Canada.
Val has lovely fleece doesn't she. I almost bought some of her Clun Forest because I loved the bounciness of it...but it was all gone. (this was a few years ago).

Lovs2Knit said...

Lovely pic of the rainbow. I'm also doing Tour de Fleece this year. I'm hoping it will get me into the habit of making time to spin every day.

Val said...

Your wool colors are lovely, especially the blue green. Thanks for mentioning that you got wool from me. Its always fun to see what it gets spun into!