Friday, September 09, 2011

mojo a go-go

I know that I have been missing in action and I have no good reason for it.  I just haven't felt like blogging.  So there you go.  Anyway, it's not that I haven't been doing anything.  I've been puttering around on various projects but not finishing any of them so nothing seems too exciting yet. 

I splurged on some new spindles since I last blogged.  These first two are from Malcolm Fielding and I think that they are stunningly beautiful! 

Olivewood/Bowyakka/Kingwood top whorl, 25g.

and Pink Ivory/Purpleheart/Horizontal Scrub spiral flute low whorl, 20g.
 The yarn fits into the spiral groove on the shaft as you wind on.

And from Ask The Bellwether, I got a Cascade Mt. Rainier, 35g

and a little Akha spindle, which I have yet to master with my attempts to spin cotton on it.

We have been in a very unseasonable September heat wave this week after last week of cool, rainy days.  Whether it's hot or cool, this is the usual behavior of the dogs.

Austin and Robbie snooze somewhere near me.

Bentley hangs out on the sofa in the sunroom, as usual, unless the air conditioning is working in which case the door is closed to the sunroom and he has to find in indoor perch.

 Cooper likes to be outside in the back yard regardless of the weather.  He has decided that he is Dan's dog and ignores me when I call him in.  When Dan calls him, he trots in obediently.  This is what I see when I call him in.
 What a dog!


Monika said...

Beautiful spindles! I love spindles made of interesting looking wood.
Cooper is such a beautiful dog! My Denny does not listen to my son (much), Happy does a little, they are both attached to me like a growth. I'm glad Maggie listens to her Dad. ;o)

Jody said...

HI Susan :-)
I don't blog as much either...I am on Ravelry alot though.
You're right, those are beautiful spindles!!

dianna said...

Oh wonderful does the Cascade one spin?

Nice dogs, too, of course.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous spindles! And Cooper is adorable!!! non obedient but adorable nonetheless!!! LOL