Saturday, August 13, 2011

still summer

I was spinning at the Ex for all five days and now I'm paying the price but I think it was worth it.  My shoulder and foot don't agree.  All that spinning at the wheel made my right shoulder cranky so I switched to standing and spinning with the spindle for one day and now have plantar fasciitis in my left foot.  Now I can't stand or walk without significant pain and I can't sit at a wheel spinning either.  It's weird and I'm feeling quite ungrounded (if that's a real word).  Spinning has become so much a part of my life that I really miss it.  The foot and shoulder pain is also preventing me from giving the dogs a good brushing and they really need it.

Anyway, enough whining.  The Ex was quite a civilized experience; or at least as civilized as it gets for a busy fair.  We were in a building with a stage at the back for a couple of vocal/dance shows and the quilters/knitters/rug hookers/stitchers/etc. at the front.  It was air conditioned and volunteers were fed a lovely supper each day.  I really enjoy eating food that someone else prepares so those suppers were much appreciated.

I found that the wheel was the big draw for the public.  The spindle just didn't seem to attract attention like the wheel did.  My niece Katie at the wheel attracted the most attention of all!
 She has become a very good spinner!

We managed to teach quite a few kids and teens to spin on spindles and some even got their first experience spinning on the wheel.  It always amazes me how much easier learning to spin seems to come to kids compared to adults.  I've decided that adults over-think the process.  But one of our spinners has convinced her husband to learn to spin and knit.
 Susie is proud of Jeremy but she says she is getting a little nervous because he has been eyeing her fiber and yarn stash already.

There's a saying around here that the Ex is the last hurrah for summer before the cooler weather sets in.  While it's certainly true that the nights have been cooler than they were in July, tomorrow's forecast is for a humidex of 41 C!  That is about 105 F!  I think summer isn't over just yet.

Right on cue though is the sunbeam on my kitchen windowsill.  I took this picture yesterday.
We are gradually tilting away from the sun on our journey to the short dark days of December.  I think I could handle winter better if it didn't get dark before suppertime.  I guess I should just soak up the light while it lasts.

Finally, I had to share this pic of the web beside my chair in the living room.  Just the way the light shone on it, I was able to watch the industrious spider spinning it last night.  It was fascinating to watch how it was spun in triangles and so quickly.  As usual, Nature puts on the best shows!  I noticed today that the web has caught dust and dog hair but no insects so I think it's time to relocate the busy little spider outside.
Click to embiggen if you want a better look.


Monika said...

This sounds exhausting, but fascinating also. I hope you can get back to normal soon.

Jody said...

That's a whole lotta spinning Susan :-)
I truly look forward to September and favourite time of the year (I luv Thanksgiving). Unfortunately our kids live too far away to join us :-(

Tina said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun! Now that seems like perfect conditions for knitting – not being able to walk or spin :-) But I am sorry that you are not well and hope you are bettr by now!
I think I would love winter more, too, if the days were longer. But I don’t like having to wear layers of clothes - on the other hand you can do something against the cold and still go outside and have fun while with the hot it is best to stay indoors during the heat of mid-day… that's what I'm just doing, dogs scattered around me on the cool tiles.
We have a beautifully striped (harmless) spider with her now somewhat old net in the garden, need to get a picture of her (in German “spider” is femaile which I think is just appropriate and I have difficulties to change from that…)
Guess what: our little rat terrier Bisou, you remember her leg was broken when we got her in December?, had her final check-up with her “bone vet” this week and everything is fine! She is allowed to do everything and anything, yeah, so off to agility training…