Sunday, December 16, 2012

5 days old

We spent a lovely evening at Geoff and Carmen's.  Berlyn is so sweet!  Didn't use the flash for these pictures so as not to bug the baby so the quality isn't the greatest but the content makes up for it.

Berlyn is such a sweet baby!  She accepted a bottle and soother for the first time from nana so I guess that means that mommy and daddy can now go out for supper or to a movie and leave Berlyn with nana and papa ;)

Carmen and Geoff have taken to parenthood like ducks to water!  Every baby should be so lucky to have such a great mommy and daddy!

(Kudos to Jadielady for recognizing the pink froth knitting-in-progress as the Baby Mine pattern.)

1 comment:

Jody said...

She's so tiny, what a doll :-)
You are very fortunate Susan.