Thursday, December 27, 2012

taking it slow

I've been sick with bronchitis for over a week.  While it certainly put a damper on Christmas celebrations it did mean that I wasn't expected to do much.  The worst of it is not being with Berlyn so as not to expose her to these nasty bugs.  I miss her so much!  It's hard to believe that I hadn't even met her at the beginning of the month and she's now such an important part of my life that I can't wait to cuddle her again after a few days of absence.

Anyway, as of today's trip to the doctor I have medication to cure the bronchitis and I should be up and running in time to host our quiet annual New Year's Eve celebrations with family and good friends.  The house is dirty and the dogs desperately need grooming but I don't suppose anyone will hold that against me while we eat pizza and play board games.

Before I got sick, Carmen and I took Berlyn for her first photo shoot at Campbell Girl Photography (on Facebook) whom you may remember I discovered through photos of my cousin's triplets.  It was fascinating to watch Shannon with our lovely little newborn.  Her studio is kept very warm and there are recorded womb sounds playing over speakers so babies are comfortable.  Carmen and I have dubbed her the Baby Whisperer for the way that she kept the baby calm and sleepy while posing her.  As for the photos themselves....... amazing.  

I think this is a stunning mother and baby picture of our beautiful girls!


Monika said...

OMG-such gorgeous photos! I love the last one best!

Monika said...

PS Hope you feel better soon!

deborah said...

Simply stunning photos! Feel better soon.