Monday, February 04, 2013

baby mine

Baby Mine by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
(link to my Rav project page for this one)

This is a lovely pattern and I have enough yarn left over to make a pair of Baby Merry-Janes if I use the leftover yarn from the little Maile Cardi for the inner socks.  When I ordered the yarn I couldn't decide between the Quilla colorway that Yarn Harlot used for her pattern or the more pink Rosebud so I bought them both figuring I would use the extra for something along the way.  Quilla is almost white (more true on the page at BMFA than on the photos in the Baby Mine pattern) so I chose Rosebud for this cardi.  I found the pinkish pearl buttons in my stash and they are perfect!

Our weather has warmed up significantly today (just below zero this afternoon and melting on the back steps) so I was able to take a decent picture of the cardi in the sun room.  We are going to need a lot more warm weather to make a significant difference in the snow mounds though.  Here is my view (or lack thereof) from my kitchen window.


My Qi and Me said...

That's a very beautiful creation. An heirloom quality piece.

Jody said...

Beautiful and sweet little sweater :-)

Monika said...

That baby sweater is very cute! We did not get snow here. :o( Send some please!

steelwool said...

The jacket is lovely. Looks wonderful in that shade of pink. I am enjoying your snow from a distance.

Brit said...

What a pretty little sweater. Your granddaugther is lucky to have you knitting so many nice creations for her. In the cold winter it's a must with warm, wool sweaters. We have a lot of snow, and -3 C. to day.
Have a nice day!

deborah said...

How pretty! You are such a thoughtful grandma.

At least it's good knitting weather!