Saturday, February 02, 2013

enough already!

We have had a brutal winter so far.  Snow, snow, and more snow combined with alternating bouts of brutal cold and melting temps.  It got cold last week with wind chill values of -40 to -50 C (-40 to -58 F) for several days.  I was sure happy that I didn't have to go to work and could just hunker down at home.  When I took the dogs out yesterday morning I thought that it seemed quite warm.  When I came back into the house I checked and found that it was -18 C (around 0 F).  I guess that it's like hitting your thumb with a hammer to take away a headache that -18 felt balmy once we were used to the really dreadful cold.  This morning we had another snow storm and there is more snow due tomorrow.

We did have a couple of pleasant days last weekend so I grabbed my camera and took some pictures to share with you.

 The shelties love the snow!  Even when it was forty below they rolled in and ate the snow happily and had to be coaxed inside.

Bentley is not a fan of the cold and snow at the best of times but he had surgery three weeks ago to repair an inguinal hernia and his underbelly was shaved.  He didn't need any encouragement to make the trips to the back yard brief.

Here he is a couple of days after his surgery.  The collar is inflatable and worked great as an alternative to the dreaded Elizabethan cone collar.  He was able to eat and drink with it and it made a comfy pillow when he slept.  (The brand name is Pro Collar if you're interested.)  I got it at our local Pet Depot store.

He is nicely recuperated and doing great now even though his belly still is cold.  Notice the blur that is his wagging tail as he looks at me.

The following pictures show you how much snow we're dealing with.  Keep in mind that these were taken last week so we have even more today after the latest storm.  Things could get really ugly if we have a fast melt this spring.

The dogs could easily walk over the fence into the garden if they wanted.  So far none of them have bothered because they'd only find more snow in there.  Even the compost bin in the back corner is completely snowed over.


Monika said...

Wow! You are right about how temperatures can feel like. We've had the least amount of snow from the last three years so far. Almost nothing, even though it was cold one day, it warmed up to above 0C the next and so forth. You might be right, I should move somewhere else to get my snow cravings filled!

Jody said...

Everytime we get a shitload of snow dumped on us, it seems to warm up and melt after a few days. Nothing like the winters when I was a kid.
You have got it tough where you are though!

Lynn said...

Wow. that's a lot of snow. I can't imagine having to take out dogs for a walk. I can't imagine dogs going out to pee!!!!

Meanwhile it was a high of 72 today. It dropped to 63 and we closed the windows and put on pants. I don't know how you do it.....