Monday, March 28, 2016

Whoo's There?

It seems that I haven't gotten back into the writing routine but, to be fair, my spinning/knitting/everything else mojo also vanished for the last few months.  Part of the problem is an injury to my right elbow made doing a lot of things uncomfortable but mostly it has really affected my spinning comfort.  Normally I could also blame winter weather for stomping on my good, productive moods but that's a weak excuse this year with El Nino giving us one of the mildest winters on record.

Anywho, I'm back for now.  In case you think I've lost my grammar and spelling skills with the who references, I'm actually warming up to share this:

Isn't he lovely?  He sat in my next door neighbours' tree for most of a day a few weeks ago before leaving at dusk to do his hunting.  I tried to take some pics of him from my yard but learned that the neighbour snapped this keeper from his second story window which was really close to the house.  I'm using this picture with permission from the photographer, Ken.  I was very glad that Berlyn was visiting us the day of the owl visit but I think Nana and Papa were more impressed with the owl than she was.

You may have noticed the lack of snow on the branches of the tree in the picture.  That's because there wasn't any after a February-that-was-more-like-April, weather-wise.  I actually noticed tiny Swiss chard leaves growing in my garden from the dead plants that didn't get pulled in the fall!  In February!  There were several consecutive days of double-digit highs (in Celsius) and we were starting to get into the Spring groove.  Then March came along and reminded us that we still live in the Canadian prairies.  Although not terribly cold, it was dreary and damp most days.  Last week we had freezing rain and then a huge dump of snow.  It's been melting slowly.  My little green Swiss chard leaves have frozen but I did see some rosy rhubarb shoots just starting to push out of the ground today,  the earliest since I have been blogging.

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