Monday, December 12, 2016


I've been struggling with whether this is the best way to preserve memories for Berlyn in the future.  A good friend pointed out that technology was likely to change so much that by the time she is an adult, this blog format will probably be outdated and unavailable. I did try to back it up but blogger does that by using a programming code which was totally foreign to me even when I tried to open it with a decoding browser. Printing out a blog gets out of hand completely and isn't a good option.

I am also getting very nervous about the scope and implications of publishing anything personal on the internet. Not nervous for me because, really, who cares about the ramblings of a boring person yakking about knitting and spinning?  I'm nervous about putting too much out there about my granddaughter.  I might be way over-protective but I don't want to take any chances.  I know that I can make my blog private but that still doesn't solve the problems that are in the first paragraph of this post.

So, I guess it's goodbye. I met some lovely people here and I'm thankful for the blog heydays when the world seemed more innocent.

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