Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Here's another school giggle. It was supplied by the same child from the "I got lucky" story below. This kid is a keeper for sure! He's one of those that you could take home with you. My job-sharing partner Nikki was subbing for me one afternoon and was playing the Millionaire game with the leader-student-of-the-day. The Millionaire game is my version of TV's 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'. The leader gets 3 questions and is allowed 2 lifelines: Ask the Audience and Ask A Friend. The option to Walk Away is also offered. Getting all 3 questions correct earns them 3 small prizes (usually stickers). It's a great way to reinforce skills, particularly math skills, and it lets me individualize the questions to the student's level. It's important that you understand that we also have "Chances" in our classroom. These are little slips of paper that students can earn for doing pretty much anything that we like. They fill out their names and put them into a draw for prizes. The draw happens once a week and the kids really, really like to earn Chances. But I digress.

During another student's Millionaire questions, this little guy went up to Nikki and quietly said, "3 chances says that she gets this one." Nikki said that she wasn't going to bet with him about the outcome of the Millionaire game. He replied, "All I'm saying is, think about it" and he sauntered back to his desk as she smothered a laugh. Not sure where he got that idea at his age!

You know, teaching may be a tough job, but it's never boring!

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