Thursday, March 02, 2006

Well, March came in like a lion with a storm in Saskatchewan so it had better go out like a lamb! I think we would all like spring to come soon.

I haven't done much knitting this week. I've been too tired to pick it up by the end of the day and I've learned not to knit when I'm tired or I just have to spend twice the time the next day to fix the mistakes. I wasn't too tired to shop online though ; ) I placed a large order with Elann for some more Addi turbo circulars, a couple of books, and the Stitch and Motif Maker software. The orders always come so soon from Elann that my box of goodies should show up early next week. A blocking board that I ordered from the states from a PayPal vendor came and it's beautiful! I had to pay duty but it was worth it. I still haven't seen the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn that I ordered from a different PayPal vendor in the states yet but I did receive an email that it had been sent so I'm sure it will show up one of these days. I got it for a very good price although I may have to pay duty on it too which will make it a less good price. I have to admit that I love shopping for knitting supplies this way but it's effortless and so much fun that it could get dangerous to the pocketbook.

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Gina said...

Hi Susan, I am looking for a blocking board, where did you get it?