Sunday, August 13, 2006

I can spin after all!

Sharon at Golden Willow Natural Fiber brought in a line of dyes and has been having a great time playing with them. After hearing her talk about how strong the dyes are I got to thinking that maybe dyeing is the reason that I can work with Philosopher's Wool but not natural wool. She kindly lent me her wheel again and I tried spinning with dyed roving and, voila, no allergies! I then tried again with some natural wool and the allergies kicked in. I guess that the chemicals in the dyes kill whatever vegetable matter in the wool that is allergenic to me. So I have a lovely Ashford Joy wheel ordered which should be in this week sometime! I'll post pics when I get it. In the meantime, I still have Sharon's Kiwi wheel for practice. Luckily for me, Sharon loves dyeing fiber and can keep me supplied with whatever color my little heart desires. Right now I'm spinning some blue that I'm alternating with periwinkle and lavender in random order. This is so much fun!

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