Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's Here!

I have been having so much fun spinning! My Ashford Joy arrived on Tuesday. I'm spinning short sections of the colored rovings together randomly so will have a variegated yarn when done. I'll have to see what the final effect will be after plying. I'd like to try the Navaho 3-ply but I may have to practice 2-ply before attempting it. I'm getting a more consistent yarn with practice. This little wheel is so smooth it's wonderful to use and it's very portable as it's light and it folds up.

I started saving sheltie undercoat and will try to spin that too. Harrison's furry butt snuck into the picture, I see, but Robbie is the one who keeps walking across the treadle when I'm preparing the fibre causing it to suck into the orifice when I least expect it. He's giving me lots of practice doing joins.

Only one more week until I'm back at school. The Royal Red Arabian Horse Show is in town this week so I'll be going to watch and drooling over all of the beautiful horses. Well, not literally. If I had been born wealthy I would do the horse thing.


Dipsy Doodle said...

Wow, this wheel is fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing all the yarn you've been spinning with it!

Dipsy D.

Pixiepurls said...

lovely photos, I ordered my Joy today, and I have a sheltie too, a Bi-Black :) You have a blue merle right?