Sunday, October 29, 2006

Knitty hat

When I read that Dipsy D. was thinking about making the same hat that I made Geoff, I thought that I'd better post the changes that I made.

First, I frogged about a quarter of it and started over when I tried it on Geoff and he said that it was too long. The pattern shows that the brim is rolled and he didn't want to roll it. So I started it again about 2 inches shorter. When it was finished it was quite big and loose, probably because it was meant to have a rolled brim, so I threaded some yarn around the inside of the edge. I tried it on him and pulled the yarn to his desired circumference and then tied it off and wove in the ends.

This is a very thick, warm hat. It's fine for Saskatchewan winters but would probably be too hot for warmer climates. The pattern uses acrylic yarn. My stash yarn was 30% wool and 70% acrylic. It's washable and should breathe a bit better due to the wool content.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the modifications you made to the hat, they'll come in very handy! I'm about to do it for my CM and, as Geoff, he doesn't want a rolled brim - so this would have been the first part where I'd have run into problems. Now, with your instructions I feel it'll work out fine - thanks again!
By the way, Austrian winters won't ever be able to beat the ones you have in Saskatchewan, but we sure get down to, like, -20/-25C here as well, so a really warm and thick hat will come in very handy ;) So far we still have summer-like temperatures over here, but this should change tomorrow, forecasts predict a temp-drop of about 20C. Argh! ;(

Knitting Rose said...

You are going to LOVE your Namaste bag! I love mine & use it A LOT. The hats are super! The hat owners are lucky to have someone to knit such lovely things for them. Great colors. Your modifications to the pattern make so much sense! How clever of you to make things to their wants!

Carmen said...

Geoff looks great in that hat.
Thank you for my hat and my socks, I love them!

Susan said...

Carmen, I'm so glad that you like the knitted things! You are very welcome!