Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Geoff!

Friday was Geoff's 21st birthday. We celebrated today with family. Here is the official birthday photo of him with Carmen.

We adopted Geoff when he was five days old. This past winter, he was reunited with his birth-father, Glenn. It has been a wonderful experience for everyone! Glenn and his family, Leanne and kids Oliver, Eugenie, and Sabine, have become a big part of Geoff's life. I'm so happy that he has more family now. It's always bothered me that he has no siblings and now he has three! I couldn't have found him a nicer family if I'd made them up.
Sabine is helping Geoff blow out his candles.

Yesterday was Eugenie's sixth birthday so she had a cake too!
(left to right: Carmen, Geoff, Glenn, Eugenie, Oliver, and Dan)

Leanne with her camera.

My sister Darcie and her family came for supper too. Katie and Sabine were playing in the elm seeds, which blew down all at once in a mini-storm this afternoon. It looked like it was snowing. Frankly, I've gotten to despise elm seeds since they're incredibly messy and they'll sprout everywhere. But the girls only saw their potential for fun.

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