Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Junior Handling and an "Awe..." moment

Sunday at the dog show was my niece Katie's first time in the ring handling a dog and she did a great job! Junior Handling is to encourage the kids to learn to handle dogs and become the future of our sport. Katie was handling Kai in the Pee Wee class. It's for the youngest kids and it is non-competitive; everyone gets a prize. Pee Wee class is vastly entertaining to watch. Check out the non-customary presentation of the Golden Retriever just behind Katie and Kai.

I just couldn't resist showing this next picture. It is also from an unofficial dog show class but not junior handling. Here is Bentley's breeder, Daphne Bowering, showing Savannah in Veterans Sweepstakes. Savannah is almost 14 years old and you can see that she hasn't forgotten how much fun she had in the show ring when she was younger!

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Unknown said...

I really miss my Dax. Junior Handling is a good thing for children to do.