Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ahh, Summer!

Please forgive my absence. Things got so busy the last couple of weeks that I a) didn't have much to post about, and b) didn't have much time to worry about it. Now, though, Summer! I have a day to do whatever I please and I think I'm going to dye some wool. I stocked up on squeeze bottles, Kool Aid, and Wilton's food coloring. I'll post the pics when I'm done.

For now, I can show you my Mom's Fast Florida Footies. I used Cascade Fixation as the pattern suggested. I really like the yarn but I would knit them at a much tighter gauge next time because my big toe likes to peek at me through the sock. The pattern is quite ingenious in the way the sole is purled. I will use this technique again! The only other change I will make next time is to make a standard toe instead of this one that is threaded through the remaining stitches in a loop at the end. Fixation does shrink a bit so I made a swatch and washed it in the machine then let it air dry. On 3.0mm needles my swatch was 6.25 sts./in. before washing and 6.5 sts./in. after washing.

And here is Robbie trying to get my attention while I try to take a picture of the socks.


Unknown said...

just what mine would do!
The socks look good though i agree with you that socks are best knti tight.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Your footies look wonderful! Thanks for the kind words... it is really fun for me to see folks knit up my pattern.

May I link to this post from my own blog? I would be honored.