Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Today is Canada's 140th birthday! I am so happy and proud to be one of her citizens! As usual, Yarn Harlot has a wonderful birthday tribute to Canada on her blog today.

This is the Briggs and Little Heritage yarn that I dyed with Wilton food coloring yesterday. I used Fruit Fresh (citric acid) as the mordant to set the color. I quite like the heathered, faded blue jeans look although I wasn't trying for it. I don't know if it resulted from using food coloring or Fruit Fresh but it's pretty.

While I was taking the yarn pictures in the sun room this afternoon (and sweating - it is really hot today!), Bentley was jumping on and off of the chairs and couch out there. He thinks the world is his playground. In his wild romp he jumped on the coffee table and, I think, surprised himself by his slippery landing. Picture is blurry due to speed of puppy.

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Sarah said...

I was wondering if you cna tell me how much Fruit Fresh you use in your dyeing? I've been looking at using it as opposed to vinegar, but haven't found much information regarding it. I'm really new to dyeing and would like to start doing it more, but have had bad results with the smell not coming out of the wool. I'd appreciate any help that you can give! (Oh, BTW, I have a blog at Knit Picks which is the URL I prorvided. If that doesn't work, e-mail me at Thanks!