Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Welcome to the Prairie Tropics!!

Here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada it is currently 35 degrees C with a humidex of 47 degrees C. The handy online conversion site tells me that 47 degrees Celsius = 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This is insane. When I stepped outside at lunchtime from the cool house my glasses actually fogged up!

Thank goodness for AC! Otherwise I'd be crawling in the fridge about now because I am at that age of being too warm even in the winter. I wonder how the pioneer farm women survived. They had no trees for shelter around here in those days and the women worked all day with a wood stove blazing. I'm thinking that maybe that's how the Arctic was settled. The middle-aged grandmas insisted on moving somewhere cooler. I've heard that the Inuit tribes, for the sake of survival of the fittest, would put old women who had outgrown their usefulness onto ice floes and set them adrift. I bet the perimenopausal ones were quite happy about this plan. At least they had a few hours of being cool before they perished.

(Okay, disclaimer: this is obviously a joke. Please do not send me accurate accounts of Arctic settlement or passionate viewpoints about agism.)

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Anonymous said...

Ack! That's hot. We've been seeing about 102F - 106F. Ice floes are starting to sound pretty darn good. :~)