Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fiber Update

I managed to find time last week to spin some of this wonderfully soft superwash merino from Blue Ridge Silk Works. It is easy to spin because it is incapable of felting so drafts like a dream.
Then in today's mail came another box that I ordered from them. Two more beautiful colorways of the same fiber. Luscious!

I made a couple of little swatches to see how my first attempts at dyeing look when knit. The top picture was dyed with Wilton's Food Coloring and the bottom pic with Kool-Aid (both yarns Briggs and Little). I bought a few colors of Jacquard Acid dyes and am in the process of finding a used microwave oven to purchase just for the purpose of dyeing yarn; then I can start playing with the new dyes.

I found some knitting time during my trip to Manitoba on the weekend and made good progress on these two plain vanilla socks.
First the Regia Cotton Surf for myself.
And the ankle sock for Geoff with the Socks That Rock yarn in the Monsoon colorway. I still don't care for this color but I'm enjoying working on it more now that I've given up on all of the ribbing in the Inside Out pattern. The yarn itself is so beautiful that it's lovely even though it's not my favorite color.

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