Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mwah, hah, ha!

I feel like a mad scientist. I have been setting up my laundry/grooming room for dyeing. Behold the microwave oven that I scored for $10. The display doesn't always light up but it heats stuff just fine.
The cute little dryer thing that was a dollar store find is hanging over the laundry tubs where the wool is soaking in Orvus Paste.
This is the label from the wool. It's Mule Spinner yarn and I got it at my local yarn store, Golden Willow. It's really nice and soft and comparably priced to Briggs and Little.
My grooming table is covered with a vinyl tablecloth which protects it from the Jacquard Acid dyes (squirt bottles and tablecloth from the dollar store - it's amazing what you can find there!)
I mixed the dyes with the help of these reference books...and I started dyeing.
I sausage-wrapped one and used a silicone muffin cup pan (Superstore clearance item) for the other.
I am leaving the silicone pan skein overnight as the books promise me more vibrant colors if I do but I decided that the pink and blue one is already vibrant enough so rinsed it and hung it to dry.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like fun. :~)
I'm hoping that when we move we will get a bigger place.