Wednesday, December 12, 2007

another little k-b

One of my colleagues, who teaches grade 2, shared this kid-bit with me yesterday. Her class was painting Christmas crafts when one of her boys came to her to complain that a girl had painted on his paint shirt. The teacher assumed that the girl had swiped her paintbrush on his shirt but discovered that she had done more than that. She had painted, "(boy's name) is a dork" on it but had misspelled dork as "dok". The teacher talked to the girl explaining that there was a problem in that she had ruined the other student's shirt and she had no money to buy him a new one so how was she going to solve the problem? The girl decided that she would trade paint shirts with the boy so that he would have her clean one. Good solution except that now the perpetrator is wearing the paint shirt that says "(boy's name) is a dok" every time they're painting. Both of the kids seem quite satisfied with the arrangement but it's going to be very hard for the teachers to keep a straight face when we see them.

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