Sunday, December 23, 2007

a new kid-bit already!

Thanks to Susanne, a new kid-bit:

Oh I have a "kid-bit" for you! My youngest DD is due in February and my oldest DD has been trying to explain to her 3 yr old (CM)that Auntie T. is having a baby. He doesn't seem to get it. The other day they were together at the pregnant one's home CM picked something up off a table and his cousin said "no don't that is for the baby". CM said "you don't have a baby here". His Mom overheard this exchange and said, "yes remember CM I told you that Auntie T is having a baby?". Then T piped up and rubbed her tummy saying.."see Auntie T has a baby in her tummy"...CM ..huge gasp..."YOU ATE a BABY?????". The girls collapsed and ran to respective bathrooms to recover..
Have a good rest and know that I will certainly provide you with "kid-bits" on occasion. With 8 grands I have lots!!!

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April Dawn said...

I just had my 3rd in November. My 3 y/o kindof started getting it at the end of my pregnancy. I would tell him to tell Lucy to come out now. So he'd say "Wootie out!" (speech delay issues) So after her birth when he saw her for the first time he asked "Wootie out??" I told my hubby that too bad we couldn't name her Lucy Out. Now he calls her Baby Lucy as if Baby is her first name. You don't dare call her sissy because he will correct you and inform you his OLDER sister is sissy. Sorry to ramble. LOL