Sunday, February 03, 2008

honkin' big socks: the Epilogue

Finally!! I finished the third sock of Dan's pair* on Saturday. I had to really push myself to work on that third sock. As you can see, they don't match exactly but they're close enough. One thing that was positive about this fiasco is that I'm getting good at doing the toe-up Queen Kahuna style. Practice makes perfect as they say. It really is a great way to knit sturdy, well-fitting socks for anyone's feet.
*If you're new to my blog and wondering why on Earth I made three socks for this pair, click here.


Emily said...

They turned out great! It was worth all the effort.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Triumph!! The socks look awesome!! Kudos to you! Congrats on turning around an OMG!!

Anonymous said...

Happy second anniversary. Between the lucious yarns and fabulous dogs it is treat to check out your blog.