Sunday, November 09, 2008

catching up

Dan's grandmother passed away last week so it's been busy for a few days. I also did something to my back and neck so needed physio and was pretty sore. I could only sit at the computer for a few minutes at a time. Now that it's feeling a bit better I'm trying to catch up on emails and blogs.

The little Tulip cardigan has been washed, blocked, and dried and is ready to pack up to send to Jayda for her first birthday. Here it is in the natural daylight of the sunroom so that you can see it's true colors.
After physio on Tuesday afternoon I couldn't resist snapping this picture on my cellphone. It was about as pretty a November day as you'll ever find on the prairies. The sky was blue, the air was cool, there was no wind, and the sun was shining.
I love the way the slanting fall sun defines the earthy colors.


Jadielady said...

Absolutely beautiful cardigan!!!

And a lovely landscape. I think I'd feel weird not having hills all around me. I guess its all what we're used to :)

Lynn said...

I LOVE that Tulip sweater!!!

Gloria Patre said...

That is the sweetest cardi I've seen in a loooong time! 2 thumbs waaaay up!! Congrats!! What a LUCKY little girl!!