Friday, April 17, 2009

Is there a Wheel Junkies Anonymous group?

Yeah, I got another wheel. I know, I know, I didn't need another wheel. But I was so impressed with the Schacht Ladybug that I wanted to experience the Schacht Matchless too. I decided that the Ladybug could do double duty as my travel wheel instead of the Majacraft Little Gem because the Ladybug is easier for me to treadle than the Gem. So I found another home for the Gem and bought the Matchless (from Shuttleworks, of course). Schacht is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a limited edition cherry Matchless. I could have placed an order for one of those but decided that I didn't care enough about the cherry wood to spend the extra money.
Austin seemed to approve - the more spinning wheels, the more mom hangs around the house with the dogs.

And here it is all set up.
I will do a bit of a review when I've had a chance to spin more on it. It's funny that I'm referring to the Matchless as "it" rather than "she". This is my first wheel that doesn't seem feminine to me. Weird, I know. It's a very sturdy wheel with a heavy drive wheel that really gets going when treadled. Maybe that's why it seems masculine.

I was reading the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook the other day and decided to try dyeing some merino/nylon fiber using the spot method to spin up on the new wheel. Here it is drying on the sweater dryer.

And hand-crocheted after drying.

Here's a bit that I pulled off to show you how the colors look so much softer when it's predrafted a bit.

And the first bit spun on the Matchless. I love the effect of the random white spots mixed into the colors. It's going to be a fun project!

edited to add:

Speaking of masculine...
Right after I posted about the Matchless, I was getting my daily bowl of Bran Buds ready and discovered this strawberry. Too funny! Congratulations Mrs. Strawberry, it's a boy!

(Dan says that I need to get out of the house more often. Apparently I am easily entertained these days.)


My Qi and Me said...

So you are a contented wheel junkie seeing "interesting" illusions in her breakfast cereal.
Who needs reality? I say stick with your delusions, sista!

Jody said...

What a nice wheel...I have always wanted to try one too. That roving looks so different when it is spun up! Sexy strawberry :)

Jenny Girl said...

I would have never thought that fiber would come out that way. It is very pretty. And stay away from those "fresh" fruits :)