Thursday, April 02, 2009

my body is saying no

Elizabeth basking in the warmth of the sunroom this afternoon.

My aching body is dictating the need to find a new home for my beloved Ashford Elizabeth 2 spinning wheel. Spinning on the saxony wheel is causing me pain. I have been dithering about selling her for a while now but I really didn't want to because she is my dream fairy-tale wheel. However, after spinning on her yesterday, I know I should stick to castle style wheels. There's just something about the different styles that change the ergonomics for me.

Elizabeth spins beautifully and I have taken very good care of her. She is like new and comes with 4 bobbins, regular flyer, lazy kate, WooLee Winder flyer, and 7 WW bobbins, as well as the instructions from Ashford and instructions and tools from WooLee winder.

I did a quick tally and came up with the following prices for all of these items new (not including tax and shipping, in Canadian funds as of today's market):

Elizabeth 2 ST, lacquered, lazy kate, 4 bobbins = $913.00
WooLee Winder with 1 bobbin = $229.46
6 WooLee Winder bobbins = $230.76

Total = $1373.22 CDN.

I'm asking $1000.00 CDN. I take Pay Pal.

At this point, I don't want to take her apart to ship her so I would prefer selling locally. I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance to deliver or meet up with someone outside of the city of Regina. I don't want to sell the WooLee Winder separately unless someone buys the wheel without it.

(edited to add that the Elizabeth is not for sale after all - see April 4th post)

(edited again on May 3 to post it for sale again - it's just not sensible to keep a wheel that is not a good fit for my aching body - and I am willing to take it apart to ship it - also, the cost is not carved in stone)

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Aunt Kathy said...

Hope you can find Elisabeth a good home