Monday, June 08, 2009

just out walking the....

A new family moved into our neighborhood a few months ago. They have three little boys and a cat. I've seen the cat in our yard and it seems incredibly mellow. It continued to walk along the top of our fence even though the dogs were barking like mad.

I saw one of the boys in the park today. He had leashed the cat to a yellow rope and was out for a stroll. Talk about a good-natured cat.


Jody said...

I'd rather have a nice mellow cat for a neighbour than the large, loud barking dogs that I have.

Lynn said...

Yes that IS a good natured cat!!!! I had a friend who would put her cat in a harness and attach him to the clothes line to run back and forth. She is the only other one that has successfully put a cat on a leash.