Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I finished spinning up Myrtle, the brown BFL from the March Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club shipment.

3-ply, about 300 yds., 88 g, 19 wpi. I'm thinking socks.

I'm not a huge fan of monthly clubs but this one is wonderful! The fibers are beautiful, spin up easily, and you can join or opt out at any time. The payment is monthly and you're not locked in for a set period of time. This shipment is a good example of why you should join a club once in a while. I probably wouldn't have bought this fiber if I had seen it advertised; it was quite drab with blotches of red, blue, and green. However, once it arrived I was delighted with its texture and I think the finished yarn is so pretty! The Spunky Eclectic fibers aren't overprocessed and the club allows me to try some fibers that I don't have local access to.


Walden said...

I love the heather look it has.

Jody said...

What beautiful spinning! Lovely yarn.