Friday, March 11, 2011

wascally wabbit

The big old jackrabbit that has been sneaking into my garden through a hole in the fence was caught in the act. I had just brought the dogs in and saw the perp through the kitchen window.

He (or she, I have no way of really knowing, of course) went over to the back fence and hopped back and forth along it for a bit. I think he was checking to make sure that the dogs weren't in the yard. Then, as fast as a bunny (sorry, couldn't resist), he scooted to the neighbor's open gate, bee-lined to the hole in the fence, and hopped right into the compost bin.
Look at the triangular structure in the corner of the garden. See the opportunistic bunny sitting on it?

I have to admit that I look for him every day now. I think I'm getting sort of attached to the critter.


Monika said...

Lovely bunny! We've got one coming into our backyard too. I don't understand why he would come where three dogs are at home, and risk being chased, when our neighbors don't have dogs at all, and yummy grass and stuff just like we do.

Jody said...

I guess he must be hungry and like your choice of compost!

Lynn said...

OMG that bunny is adorable!!!! I'm amazed any animals can survive your winters.