Friday, May 13, 2011


My latest weaving project is another baby blanket but this time I'm using acrylic baby yarn (!) including some novelty stuff. It was a pain to warp the loom with the acrylic yarn but I'm delighted with the weaving process.
I generally hate working with acrylic yarn but, as this will be a gift for someone who likely doesn't want to hand wash baby items, it seems like a practical plan. It's great fun to just weave random stripes of the different colors and textures. I know I would hate to knit the floofy yarn but weaving with it is easy.

I dyed some sock yarn to make girly socks for myself. I'm not a very girly girl but I want pink lace socks for some reason that I don't understand. I started Giotto for the cuff but switched to Go With the Flow for the leg because I think the Giotto stitch count would make it pretty big for me.
Quite lovely but something about this just wasn't sitting well with me. Even though the yarn is delectably soft, the lace pattern was making the sock fabric very textured and dense. I don't think it would be comfortable on the top of my feet because I have these sissy, wimpy, need-to-be-babied diabetic feet. I abandoned this sock start in favor of a new start using the Scrolls pattern. I haven't knit enough of it yet to know if I'm going to like it better. I didn't frog the first sock start, just cut the yarn, so I can go back to it in case I change my mind again.

Last night Dan and I were lucky enough to go to our second Elton John concert! It was just as wonderful as the first time we heard him live. I tried to get some pictures but most of them didn't turn out at all. These two were the best of a poor bunch.

This is actually the large screen shot. It turned out better.

And finally, in the totally random weirdness category:

If a tree falls in the forest, do more people eat pizza?
These Pizza Hut flyers were in our newspaper the other day, all 22 of them! It makes you wonder what went wrong with this plan. Good thing we recycle.


Jody said...

I really like the pattern that your yarn is making with your weaving Susan.
Those socks are really pretty...too bad you had to frog them.
I luv Elton John's music...I didnt know he was in Canada.

Yarn Devil said...

Like the weaving.. going to be a beautiful baby blankie!!! Love Love love the start of those socks!! Beautiful! though I am waiting to see what you passed them up for!! Love the yarn too by the way,the colour is delish!!!

Lynn said...

Hmmm, I think the person who was supposed to pass them out decided to give them all to you and call it a day!!! LOL

I love the color of that yarn. And the pattern looks nice but I agree with you on the density, it may look airy, but those dont always work.....

susieg said...

Love the baby blanket, the colours are so calm and cool. You nice socks remind me of ice cream and now I must go find some. Thanks a lot :P

Barb Matijevich said...

I love those socks. Must try them, too, although I will probably come to the same conclusion as you. And you made me laugh out loud with the "If a tree falls int he forest..." question!