Saturday, October 29, 2011

done diddy done done done!

Happy dance, oh happy dance!  I have finally finished the Watermelon Socks!
 I think that they are adorable!  But I'm very glad that they're done so that I can work on some other knitting for a while.

Also done is my foray into quilting.
 I am definitely a process spinner.  I am usually a process knitter.  I am usually a product weaver.  I am definitely a product quilter.  I really didn't enjoy making the bag much so I won't be launching into making a king size quilt any time soon.

Both of these projects were started in July.  They only took me all of summer and most of autumn to finish.

Speaking of autumn, Dan and I loaded up the dogs and took a drive out of town last weekend.  It was the first time we have taken the Terrain out of town since we got it in March.  Yup, we have truly exciting lives.

We went to the Craven valley which is about 20 minutes northwest of Regina.
The valley was flooded in the wet spring and the water is still high in many places.

There are numerous market gardens in the valley so we stopped at one for some veggies.  There were lots of pumpkins.

Lots and lots of pumpkins!

And in case the weather was unco-operative, there were even more pumpkins inside!

Back on the flat prairie on the ride home, the setting sun peeked through the clouds.


deborah said...

You are so talented. I'm in awe of those who sew. Your bag is lovely and so are the socks.

Jody said...

The foothills are lovely aren't they. Pumpkin season is definitely upon us :-)
Your quilted bag looks great too!!

Lynn said...

wow that is open land!!!! gorgeous! I like to quilt but bags aren't my thing. I have a bag that is still waiting to be finished......