Tuesday, October 11, 2011

such a lovely autumn so far

Our weather has been such a treat lately.  I can't believe that my garden is still growing strong in mid-October; usually frost has killed it by mid-September.

The dogs are happy to be outside as much as possible.  I bathed and groomed them all last week so they were ready for this photo shoot.
 "Throw the toy!  Throw it!  Put that stinking camera away and throw it!"

 "I am groomed and beautiful.  This is my best side."

 "Oh, all right.  Take the stupid picture if you must."

"So many good smells out here this time of year."

Moving indoors, I warped the 15" Flip loom with 20/2 silk using two 8 dent reeds for a sett of 16.  The weft is the Austin colorway fractal-spun laceweight handspun yarn.  It sure takes a lot longer to weave than the fluffy baby throws that I've been doing lately but I love the resulting weft-faced fabric so far.
I feel so clever when I use my fractal-spun yarns.  I really love the gradual and soft color transitions.  I have no idea how I will finish the fringe.  I've been mulling over possibly using beads.  Any ideas would be welcome.


Jody said...

We have been having over the top sunshine and hot weather here too Susan!
Your weaving is lovely....I so want to learn :-)

Susie said...

Your weaving with your handspun looks great so far, I can't wait to see what it looks like when you are finished. I also vote for a beaded fringe. So thats what a garden must look like when you water it regularly :P (unlike me and this year)

c o s y k n i t s y said...

Your handspun is weaving up beautifully! I should really give fractal spinning a try next time because the colours look great.

Lynn said...

Glad you are having such nice weather. And all the doggies look SO nice for their photo shoots!!!

snowlady said...

Love your sable sheltie. So cute. I have a sheltie too. He is tri-color. Your red, green and white socks have finished up nicely. Someday I hope to make socks. I just find them very hard.