Saturday, January 07, 2012

more wacky winter weather

The unseasonably warm weather continues here in the prairies.  We got a fair amount of snow last weekend and then it warmed right up again; most days have been above freezing.  I took these pics a couple of days ago.

The snow was melting and dripping off of the eaves and downspouts.  We don't usually see that happen until March.

The snow on the grass was slushy and wet.

There were lots of puddles in the street.

Environment Canada is forecasting 11 C for Monday!  That's 52 F at the time of year when we are usually in the deep freeze.  Snow enthusiasts aren't very happy with all of this warm weather but I say bring it on!

Thanks for all of your comments on my last post about leaving the dogs at home when we go to Mexico.  They will be safe and sound at my sister Darcie's place while we're away.  We're dogsitting her two dogs while they're away this winter and then she'll return the favor for us.  The dogs are used to going to her place with us but we decided to do a trial run by leaving them there for a couple of hours on Tuesday, just to see what they do.  They were fine so I'm much more comfortable about going away now.


CelticCastOn said...

Isn't it crazy?
Although we have no snow the temps have been going up and down. One day its 5 degrees and the next its -24 weird indeed.

Tina said...

It is unusually warm here, too, raining, storms, we even had a thunderstorm with lightning this week. ANd on New year's day 11°C. Unbelievable. We are not used to much snow but this is just weird.
I think, too, that the dogs should be fine a in a place and with people they know, even without you. I think it is us dog-moms who worry most and they are just having fun :-)

Jody said...

Winter in Canada eh??? Gotta love it :-) Although my Dutch husband thinks it sucks hehe.

Monika said...

This winter is absolutely crazy! Two days ago, I found a mosquito in the basement, wanting out the window. I'm starting to get concerned about all that lack of snow. It's going to be a dry summer, with so many of those aweful buggers going to bite us.
I especially hate the temperature jumps.

Lynn said...

Crazy how winter really hasnt hit a LOT of places!!! Scary to think it might hit all at once.....

Lovs2Knit said...

Our weather has also been a lot warmer then normal. I'm not complaining but my sister is upset since it's cutting into her snowboarding season. :)