Saturday, February 18, 2012


I bought a lovely CVM/Romeldale fleece from sheepgirl on Ravelry a few months ago.

Here is some of it after washing.

The discolored tips didn't completely come off after flicking but I decided to use that to my advantage by dyeing the locks semi-solid denim blue.  The tips took the dye differently than the rest of the fiber so add depth to the color.

Flicked then loaded onto the comb to be blended and dizzed off into puffy top.
 It's very soft and springy!

Oh, and I haven't shown you my new fiber prep station.
It's a marble-topped kitchen cart that was on sale at JYSK.  It's counter-top high which is so much easier on my back than table height and the tools clamp onto it well.  Extra storage shelves and wheels for portability are always good too.  The marble top would be great for its intended purpose of rolling out dough.  If I decide to do some baking I'll wheel it to the kitchen and give it a good scrub before I put food on it but the urge to bake hasn't hit me for a long time.

I finally finished weaving the Austin shawl and am messing around with beads to dress up the fringe.
Fussing with beads hurts my neck and shoulders.


Jody said...

Mmmm...Lovely fleece. You sure have some fab fleeces in your stash! The bit of CVM fleece I had was very greasy. What brand of dyes do you use Susan?
Great workstation with the marble top. I have never been in the Jysk store here.

Monika said...

The finished little fiber puff looks yummy!