Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Big Thaw Begins

Although the temperatures are only about 3 degrees C (about 38 degrees F), the sun is warm and the wind is calm so it feels like spring finally. The kids are ditching their jackets and everyone is happy. The melting snow on the roof is overflowing the eaves as you can see in this pic of a corner of the sunroom facing south.
There's even a little bit of grass appearing in the back yard. It always amazes me that it's green as the snow melts. It was sure not green in the fall before the snow fell.
The dogs have been sprinting around the back yard in glee! Here is Austin doing a 'happy dance' roll in the snow.


Lovs2Knit said...

Austin looks pretty happy.
Glad to here your unthawing. We are working towards a nice spring here. It's about 60 F so definitely no snow. :)

Anonymous said...

My gosh, I so adore the pic of Austin - how happy a dog's life can be ;)
Weather's pretty much the same here in the Austrian Alps, except that it's quite a tad warmer and there is no snow to melt down here - we got a lousy 2 inches of snow in the valley all winter long, and I'm still seriously wondering what went wrong with this winter ;)
But: Yay for spring - enjoy it!