Tuesday, March 27, 2007


If you've been watching the TV quiz show Jeopardy since Friday you've seen Doug Hicton from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada winning. Dan and I went to school with Doug. They were on the Reach For The Top team for our high school and went to the Nationals mostly because they had Doug on the team. Dan found this photo in a file folder. I believe it's from 1976. Reach For The Top was a CBC game show that tested the knowledge of high school teams.

Doug Hicton was Randy Hicton until he legally switched his first and second names as an adult. Watching Doug on Jeopardy, we see that he hasn't changed much from his high school days. Still quirky and has a very, very good memory for trivia. It's great to see him doing so well!


Patti said...

Hi Susan,

You may or may not remember me from high school. My maiden name is Harder. I also attended some elementary school with Dan.

I thought it was great to see someone from high school do so well on Jeopardy. Really took me back to the old days!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Susan,

Doug here. I hope you and Dan are doing exceptionally well. So now you know what I currently look like. Less hair, for instance.

I don't have a blog or anything, but I'm in the Toronto phone book if you should ever want to contact me. A friend of mine here who has a website was contacted by Malcolm Harper, who left his email address. I tried to get hold of Malcolm, but the email bounced back to me.

I guess I should contact his folks.

Susan said...

Hello Patti and Doug! The internet sure makes it a small world, doesn't it? Nice to hear from both of you. How on Earth did you find my blog?

Doug, I think that you look a lot like you did in high school compared to Dan. Less hair, indeed. It was fun to watch a local boy doing well on Jeopardy. I have no idea where Malcolm is. I taught with Garnet and Gail's daughter Rochelle and I think she said that Steven was in Calgary now.

Patti said...

Hello Hello Susan and Doug!!

Susan...I found your blog when I did a Google search on Doug (of all things!) Susan...Dan...and then the picture of the Reach for the Top team...WOW! My husband thinks I've lost my mind...

Doug...most members of my family saw your performance on Jeopardy! and were so impressed, as was I, although I do remember how intelligent you always were. I am in contact with another person from the past...Blaine Krentz...an old neighbour of ours. Needless to say, he remembers you as well...not sure if he saw the programs or not though.

I'd love to keep in touch with some of the high school crowd...if anyone would like, email me at bonkersthecat93@hotmail.com !!

carmencarmen said...

hey Randy / Doug
My name is Carl Jensen, given your amazing memory you may remember me from grade 7 in Redvers Sask. I sure remember you. You even came out to the farm for visit one day. We did a project on the book cheaper by the dozen, I believe. That gym teacher got a beating by one of guys in our class (mark bouchard) when he was in grade 12. God what a horrible school that was. I still love music. You?