Friday, January 04, 2008

Thanks for the support!

Wow!! Thanks for all the comments and emails about my sock woes! They don't seem quite so tragic in the light of day today. I've decided to dye another skein to knit a mate for the sock that didn't shrink. If it's not a perfect match that's okay. As for having to knit another great big sock again, I keep telling myself that I LIKE knitting. All will be fine.

Several folks suggested that I knit another sock to match the felted one for a second pair. The felted sock is pretty pathetic and would need some work to fit anyone's foot. A couple of people suggested other uses for it and I will mull over my options when I hate that sock a little less intensely. Making it into a case for something sounds like a good idea. Dan got a new iPod for Christmas and I'm sure it could use a case.

Again, thanks everybody!

P.S. April Dawn kindly sent along a kid-bit. Check out her comment on this post.

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